Backup & Recovery


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Name Description
Deep Freeze Linux absolute system protection for Linux environments
dvdisaster data loss/scratch/aging protection for CD/DVD media
Duplicity encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup
mkisofs Creates ISO-9660 CD-ROM filesystem images
PyPar2 graphical frontend for the par2 utility
Flamethrower Multicast file distribution utility
ext3undel collection of scripts to help you recover files from ext2/ext3 file systems
Glide Sync manual and scheduled synchronization between multiple desktops and devices
Parallel BZip2 parallel bzip2 implementation
Hydra Backup Full backup system for UNIX-like systems
Rar Archiver for .rar files
GNU ddrescue GNU data recovery tool
HUBackup Concise and easy to use backup application for the desktop user
UnZip De-archiver for .zip files
GPart Partition Table Recovery Tool Guess PC disk partition table, find lost partitions
cpio GNU cpio -- a program to manage archives of files
rzip compression program for large files
Backupninja lightweight, extensible meta-backup system
Partition Image Server server to use partimage across a network
Komparator directories comparator for KDE
Memopal online backup and online storage software
Magic Rescue recovers files by looking for magic bytes
Unison file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows
Dump 4.4bsd dump and restore for ext2 filesystems
JungleDisk Reliable online storage powered by Amazon S3