Backup & Recovery


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Name Description
Deep Freeze Linux absolute system protection for Linux environments
dvdisaster data loss/scratch/aging protection for CD/DVD media
mkisofs Creates ISO-9660 CD-ROM filesystem images
Duplicity encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup
Flamethrower Multicast file distribution utility
PyPar2 graphical frontend for the par2 utility
ext3undel collection of scripts to help you recover files from ext2/ext3 file systems
Glide Sync manual and scheduled synchronization between multiple desktops and devices
Rar Archiver for .rar files
Hydra Backup Full backup system for UNIX-like systems
Parallel BZip2 parallel bzip2 implementation
GPart Partition Table Recovery Tool Guess PC disk partition table, find lost partitions
HUBackup Concise and easy to use backup application for the desktop user
Partition Image Server server to use partimage across a network
GNU ddrescue GNU data recovery tool
UnZip De-archiver for .zip files
Komparator directories comparator for KDE
rzip compression program for large files
cpio GNU cpio -- a program to manage archives of files
Backupninja lightweight, extensible meta-backup system
Magic Rescue recovers files by looking for magic bytes
Bacula Client network backup service - client metapackage
JungleDisk Reliable online storage powered by Amazon S3
Bacula network backup service - metapackage
Unison file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows