Featured App: SuperTux

I have preschool aged kids who like to play games so I'm always looking around to try new ones. One game we've been playing for a while is SuperTux. SuperTux is styled after the classic Super Mario Bros games and features their classic sidescrolling action.

In place of Mario the star character is Tux, the Linux penguin mascot. There are 26 playable levels in the main game and some additional bonus levels for additional fun. SuperTux even has a level editor that you can use to create your own.

supertux screenshot

Like the original, the goal of SuperTux is to run and jump your way through each level while avoiding the bad guys and collecting coins along the way. For every 100 coins collected you'll gain a new life.

I found SuperTux to be both fun and challenging for any age. It can be found in any distro I've ever seen so fire up your package manager and install it today.

TIP: When you come to a wall you can't jump or a gap that's too big, hold down the left Ctrl key while you run and jump. You'll find Tux flying farther than ever before.