GParted vs QTParted

As a KDE user, I tend to pick a Qt app when two mostly equivalent programs exist. I thought that would be the case with QTParted and GParted, but to my surprise I found GParted to be a superior program that actually allowed me to accomplish my goal when QTParted could not.

The Story

I run Kubuntu in a VM using VMware Player on my laptop. When I originally set it up I only created a 4GB drive to use for root and swap. Unfortunately this became a problem when I wanted to dist-upgrade from Edgy to Feisty.

My solution was to download VMware Server and expand the virtual disk to 10GB. That worked great and I now had a 10GB disk, but I couldn't expand the root partition because the swap partition was in the way. I mapped the Kubuntu Live CD ISO and booted to it, installed QTParted and tried to move the swap partition to the end of the drive, all to no avail.

Since that didn't work I got to wondering, would GParted do the trick. It did! GParted allowed me to easily move the swap partition and expand root to fill the rest of the drive. A couple minutes in all and I was done.


The big reminder for me with this experience is that it's OK to want apps to have a consistent UI, but it's even more important to get the job done right. Just because a program isn't visually ideal doesn't mean it's not the best choice for the job.

In this case GParted was the best choice, and I'm glad I used it.

I'm agree

I use Kubuntu, KDE, but I love GParted. It is installed on my PC, and I have the GParted+CloneZilla CD. GREAT!!