Ripping DVDs to MPEG4 with K9Copy

I've blogged about K9Copy's DVD rip and copy abilities in the past, but I only just noticed that it has added one step rip to MPEG4 support. After taking it for a test drive I'm very pleased with the ease of use and plan to use it for most of my ripping needs in the future.

Up until now dvd::rip has been my ripper of choice, but I recently received a stack of DVD's for Father's Day and kept getting errors during the ripping process. I reinstalled some of the libraries, but the issues still persisted. During my search for a replacement I decided to fire up K9Copy, thinking that I could potentially rip to the hard drive with it and encode with dvd::rip. That's when I noticed an MPEG4 button.

Not only does K9Copy now encode, it does everything in one step, including getting the aspect ratio correct without the user having to do anything. It lacks many of the advanced features that dvd::rip supports, but if you just want to get the main movie for easy viewing on a computer like I do, it's a great tool.

I used Kubuntu 7.04 and K9Copy version 1.1.0 for this HowTo.

How To Rip and Encode

Inserting the DVD brought up a dialog box with some options for what action to take with the DVD. I chose Copy with k9copy.

Once in the program, step 1 is checking the configuration. You can do this by selecting the icon that looks like a wrench or picking Configure k9copy from the Settings menu. Click the MPEG4 icon in the left sidebar and make sure the codec, file size, width, and bitrate are what you want. Note that the file size sets a maximum. If the full size is not required it will create a smaller file. Hopefully K9Copy will add a bitrate option for video in the future.

Now it's time to select the audio and video titles. Since I want the main movie in English I selected audio 1 and video from title 1. The length of the video is listed right next to it to help you determine which is the main movie versus special features. In this example I selected a 2 channel audio source, but selecting a 6 channel source is fine too. The MPEG4 encoding will drop it to 2 channels anyway. K9Copy only supports MP3 audio tracks, so if you what something else then this is a case where you need a more advanced program. In addition to the audio, you'll also notice that subtitles can be selected for any of the supported languages.

We're almost done. Clicking the MPEG4 icon from the toolbar or picking Create MPEG-4 from the Actions menu will start the rip. Type in a filename to Save As, select Save, and we're off. One slight bug in the program is visible here, but it doesn't affect the functionality. The Cancel button in the transcoding dialog uses the French Annuler instead of the English Cancel. Of course this isn't a problem if your language is set to French, unless they're just swapped.


For my purposes, K9Copy worked like a charm. It's definitely the most intuitive ripper I've used, and so far the quality has been great. Next time I'll go to it first. The only time I really see needing another tool is if I'm ripping a large number of TV shows and want to run them in batch mode instead of waiting for each episode to finish before manually starting another.

what about subtitles

hi. first of all ty very much for your guide. i would like to ask how do you rip the subtitles?i'm having some difficulties to get them. could you post another guide of how to do that too?

Ripping subtitles

I did some experimenting today and was only able to get subtitles working when ripping to an ISO file. It did not work for the MPEG4 method. The key is selecting the appropriate language in the left part of the window and them selecting it again at the bottom right. I won't automatically play back, but players like VLC give you the option to enable the subtitles during playback.

See here for a screenshot.

Re: Ripping subtitles

ty for that. i will try it and tell you the results. btw i believe that the subtitles are included in the movie right?or is it a seperate file?
also do you know a program that only rip subtitles from dvd? i use archlinux.

subtitles only

AcidRip can rip the subtitles to a sub file so that may be what you are looking for.

subtitles only

If you have mplayer installed the you can use it to rip the subtitles only.
But mplayer must be built with encoder support then mencoder will work.
But read the manual for more info on exact command.

ty very much both. i tried

ty very much both.

i tried what you said about checking as you have in the screenshot, unfortunately it didnt put any sub inside or anywhere else as a seperate file either.i'll check for the mplayer and i'll inform you.

so i tried to do what you

so i tried to do what you said but what do you mean "build with encoder support"? when i go to preference i have a box that i can check that says: Convert the given subtitle to the time based SubViewer (SRT) format. i click on it and press ok
then as it says i have to restart the program, but when i start it again, it is unchecked . so it didnt do anything.
so can you explain to me what do you mean above?can you place snapshots so i can understand better?
ty again



a better way

I don't mean to be a necromancer, but try dvdrip-queue.

it's a little utility that lets you do batch transcoding jobs with dvd::rip

great DVD ripper

just what I was looking for... simple & competent...
I tried ripping with VLC with little success...
K9copy worked right off the bat...
thank you

progress bar on playback

I ripped a [.mp4] movie with K9copy but when I play it back on Mplayer or Kaffeine the progress bar doesn't work... it always takes me back to the beginning of the movie??? how do you get the progress bar to work on playback to jump forward or backward???

I haven't run into that

I haven't run into that problem before. I usually transcode to Xvid in an AVI wrapper though so I don't know if that makes a difference.


Batch ripping easy with Bash and FFMPEG

If you just want a quick rip of a directory full of videos all you need is Bash and FFMPEG to do the trick. Try this little Bash script I wrote, of course you can add all kinds of switches to the FFMPEG command line but I kept it simple. This way you can add what switches you prefer for your version.

-------------- code snippet -----------------------

# Convert video for iPod/iPhone

for i in `find $DIR -type f`;
ffmpeg -i $i $i.mp4
ffmpeg -itsoffset -4 -i $i -vcodec mjpeg -vframes 1 -an -f rawvideo -s 200x200 $i.jpg

------------ end snippet ---------------------------

This will batch render all video files in the directory you specify and attempt to make a thumbnail of each movie. This of course renders them to the iPod/iPhone format of *.mp4. Hope this helps somebody...


Quick Rip Batch Script

Man this is so close to what I need...only problem is when I use your Bash and FFMPEG script I get very poor quality rips. What other switches and settings should be put in for ffmpeg toincrease the quality. I want mp4 rips good for a decent computer viewing and great for iPod/iPhone viewing. Any suggestions are welcomed please...

Try this for flv rip

#Convert into flash video
#Add audio


echo "$file --> ${base}.flv"

ffmpeg -i "$file" -deinterlace -acodec libmp3lame -ab 128000 -ar 44100 -vcodec flv -b 1000000 -pass 1 -y /dev/null
ffmpeg -i "$file" -deinterlace -acodec libmp3lame -ab 128000 -ar 44100 -vcodec flv -b 1000000 -pass 2 -y "${base}.flv"

This requires a custom compiled ffmpeg - I used this config:
./configure --enable-gpl --enable-postproc --enable-libvorbis --enable-libdc1394 --enable-libgsm --enable-libmp3lame --enable-libfaad --enable-libfaac --enable-pthreads --enable-libx264 --enable-libxvid --enable-shared --enable-nonfree