Transferring Files Over Bluetooth using a BlackBerry Curve, Pearl, or 8800

If you own, or are considering buying, one of BlackBerry's Curve, Pearl, or 8800 smart phones then here is a simple guide for transferring files to and from it using Bluetooth.

Part 1 of this investigation focused on setting up a USB connection. Part 2 described how to use a BlackBerry with Amarok.

Each sequences of steps assumes that you are starting from the main menu.

Pairing BlackBerry and Computer

On the BlackBerry
1. Manage Connections -> Bluetooth Options -> Add Device
2. Select your device from the list of available Bluetooth devices
3. Enter the passkey

On the Computer
1. Enter the passkey when the window pops up

Configure BlackBerry to Receive Files

On the BlackBerry
1. Manage Connections -> Bluetooth Options -> Press the menu key and select Options
2. Change the Discoverable setting to Yes

If you want to be able to transfer to your BlackBerry, this setting needs to be enabled. It is not necessary if all you want to do is send files from the BlackBerry.

Upload Photo from Computer to BlackBerry
Potential Usage: Transfer a picture to use as a background or for caller ID on the BlackBerry.

On the BlackBerry
1. Media -> Press the menu key and select Receive Using Bluetooth
2. You should see a message on the phone that says Waiting for Connection.

On the Computer
1. Launch a Bluetooth file transfer client. I used KDE's Bluetooth OBEX Client.
2. Click the Search button. With the Curve you should see an entry for a BlackBerry 8300 File Transfer Agent.
3. Drag files to transferred to the File to Send area then click Send
4. Press yes on the BlackBerry to allow the transfer
5. Select the folder to save to

Download Photo from BlackBerry to Computer
Potential Usage: Transfer pictures taken with the BlackBerry Curve's built-in camera to a computer.

On the BlackBerry
1. Media -> Pictures -> Device Memory -> Highlight a picture, press the menu key, and select Send Using Bluetooth
2. Select the appropriate entry from the list of paired devices

On the Computer
1. Authorize the transfer when the window pops up

During this last step you can also choose to automatically allow or deny the BlackBerry device if you don't want to be asked every time you want to transfer a file.

Really useful tip..

Hi this was an useful tip. i am an ubuntu maniac and i was really worried abt file transfer. your method seems to be working.
Let check and update you of what all i was able to transfer.


hey i was wondering if you know how to find files that are send to me from another phone using bluetooth?


Why is my bluetooth not accepting songs from a diffirent phone


I can't even find KDE to download to use. This is very frustrating.

BlueTooth file tranfer

Works fine! How do I select all pictures to be sent to PC ?

my answer

if you plug your device into the Pc through a USB port then depending on any type of PC then a window should automatically appear and then you can click import all pics and vids if not then go to your computer icon and do it manually through clicking the type of device on which you have plugged in and then click onto your pics and highlight them all and transfer into your docs on your PC account. hope it helps :)

Transferring files via

Transferring files via bluetooth between those two models of phones is not difficult but you might need a privacy controls software because anyone in the area can pick up your bluetooth emission.

Thanks ... for the help

You saved me a couple hours work trying to figure out how to send pictures from my Mac to my Curve.
thanks ....

Anything for gnome?

Is there a tool for gnome as well? I don't use KDE, but gnome. I have been able to connect the two devices, but the file transfer fails.


I've only tried KDE, but

I've only tried KDE, but there shouldn't be any reason why it wouldn't work in GNOME. Do you have the gnome-bluetooth package installed? It contains the gnome-obex-send and gnome-obex-server clients for sending and receiving files.

transfer an address from book from curve 8300 to other curve blu

how do i send an address from my book using bluetooth.. i have try but with out any lick... can you provide me any tips.....

the idea is to send a name from my adress book via bluetooth to other curve or pearl.


i think that is not

i think that is not possible, because Blackberry simply sucks!

i had this problem--you

i had this problem--you cannot directly transfer the files from your computer to the phone--BUT you can import them into your email and then sync your contacts in email setup. hope this is helpful for someone :)

I believe you can transfer

I believe you can transfer any file type to a MicroSD card using the USB cable. I'm not sure if you can over Bluetooth, unless you try the photo method and just copy something that isn't a photo.

Free downloads

Does it cost anything to do any of these things??

I have a sophisticated mac and a blackberry I have them connected on the Bluetooth but will it cost me anything or send and receive anything. How does it actually work anyway? Is it like a wireless router in the computer that transfers the data via the bluetooth or what?? the main thing is, I don't want extra charges on my bill so internet access or anything like that.

Transfering over Bluetooth

Transfering over Bluetooth won't cost you anything. It's completely outside of the phone companies network. You can think of it as similar to WiFi, but you're just connecting point-to-point between devices instead of going through a router.

This realy really helped.

This realy really helped. thank you!!!

receive media using bluetooth on a sprint blackberry curve 8330

I have a sprint blackberry curve 8330 and sprint samsung m520 and samsung m510. When I attempt to send media picture from samsung m520 to blackberry curve 8330, the connection just hangs. The percentage bar stays at 0% on the blackberry curve and the connection on the samsung m520 appears to be be hung, frozen and no action. Nothing happens at all. It appears as if both phones are frozen. But when i cancel the connections the connections are cancelled immediately, so I do not believe the bluetooth transfer are hung or frozen. Ive tried over and over again many times. I have made sure all of my settings are on, enabled, encryption set, phones right next to one another, and ready to go. I can send media files to other bluetooth enabled devices, but why is it that I am unable to receive/connect files using bluetooth. Same scenario with the samsung m510. The samsung m520 and m510 are compatible sending and receiving files using bluetooth. But why not to my blackberry? I called Sprint for tech support several times and one rep told me that blackberry compared to my samsung m520 and m510 are like a ferrari communicating with a ford taurus. Is that true? I thought and heard the blackberry network/system was so amazing and almost capable of doing almost anything. This really sucks if I am really unable to receive information using my bluetooth on the Blackberry curve. What sense does that make? Can you offer any suggestions, tips, tricks, support on how to make my bluetooths communicate? thanks

Media---->Receive using bluetooth

While receiving data or before you will have to go to MEDIA----(press optio key)---->(choose) Receive using Bluetooth. Try and see even I had the same problem. Other mobile doesnt need this but blackeberry does...

receive file via bluetooth

works this way every time thanks

thankyou so much can get rid

thankyou so much can get rid of my rubbish cowboy default tune now!!

Transferring files over Bluetooth using a BB 8900

Thanks .Its working fine :) Vinod

this happens to me even with

this happens to me even with another blackberry device...

cant receive files using bluetooth

hi my daughter is having the same problem have you been able to sort it yet if so can you plz tell me how to do it thanks

Transfering address book from BlackBerry curve 8330 to computer

how do I transfer my address book (list of contacts) from my blackberry to my computer?
also, transfering my address book from my computer to my blackberry?


I'd try the Barry app. I haven't used it myself, but it's supposed to be able to sync contacts.


Transfer address book from BBerry to PC

Pair the Blackberry to the bluetooth computer.
After pairing is complete you should see the PC's bluetooth connection on the blackberry screen. Highlight the connection, then push the Blackberry menu button (just to the left of the trackball).

Select send address book via bluetooth.

Should all be in Outlook...


transferring multple photos via Bluetooth to the PC, at once

Anyone know if this is possible?

transfering .xls or .pdf attachments from curve to pc


I would like to transfer .xls and .pdf e mail attachments from my Blackberry Curve to my PC laptop (Thunderbird, for example) when I don't have an internet connection.

Is this possible? I have Roxio Media Manager, but this appears to work only with media files.

Thanks in advance.


Transfering files

I believe you can transfer any file type to a MicroSD card using the USB cable. I'm not sure if you can over Bluetooth, unless you try the photo method and just copy something that isn't a photo.