Transferring Files Over Bluetooth using a BlackBerry Curve, Pearl, or 8800

If you own, or are considering buying, one of BlackBerry's Curve, Pearl, or 8800 smart phones then here is a simple guide for transferring files to and from it using Bluetooth.

Part 1 of this investigation focused on setting up a USB connection. Part 2 described how to use a BlackBerry with Amarok.

Each sequences of steps assumes that you are starting from the main menu.

Pairing BlackBerry and Computer

On the BlackBerry
1. Manage Connections -> Bluetooth Options -> Add Device
2. Select your device from the list of available Bluetooth devices
3. Enter the passkey

On the Computer
1. Enter the passkey when the window pops up

Configure BlackBerry to Receive Files

On the BlackBerry
1. Manage Connections -> Bluetooth Options -> Press the menu key and select Options
2. Change the Discoverable setting to Yes

If you want to be able to transfer to your BlackBerry, this setting needs to be enabled. It is not necessary if all you want to do is send files from the BlackBerry.

Upload Photo from Computer to BlackBerry
Potential Usage: Transfer a picture to use as a background or for caller ID on the BlackBerry.

On the BlackBerry
1. Media -> Press the menu key and select Receive Using Bluetooth
2. You should see a message on the phone that says Waiting for Connection.

On the Computer
1. Launch a Bluetooth file transfer client. I used KDE's Bluetooth OBEX Client.
2. Click the Search button. With the Curve you should see an entry for a BlackBerry 8300 File Transfer Agent.
3. Drag files to transferred to the File to Send area then click Send
4. Press yes on the BlackBerry to allow the transfer
5. Select the folder to save to

Download Photo from BlackBerry to Computer
Potential Usage: Transfer pictures taken with the BlackBerry Curve's built-in camera to a computer.

On the BlackBerry
1. Media -> Pictures -> Device Memory -> Highlight a picture, press the menu key, and select Send Using Bluetooth
2. Select the appropriate entry from the list of paired devices

On the Computer
1. Authorize the transfer when the window pops up

During this last step you can also choose to automatically allow or deny the BlackBerry device if you don't want to be asked every time you want to transfer a file.