Ubuntu Karmic Koala Repositories Added

Ubuntu's Karmic Koala repositories have now been added. I haven't run a complete database update because it takes ages, but any new or updated apps will have the latest links. Install Now will work regardless of what is shown on the screen because it looks for what is in your local repositories.

Medibuntu's Karmic repositories have also been added.

need help on repos update for 9.10

i need help with 9.10 repositories so that i can download them to a server and update all my computers on he network offline from the server

Hello, I am not getting something here....

I have read about new repositories but where? I normally put the address in System > Administration > Software Sources but I see no addresses listed. Is there a place that lists them?

Thank You


If your question is about adding the Medibuntu repositories the following link explains how.