When did Linux become your primary OS?

I'm very interested to find out what percentage of visitors are new to Linux versus those who have been users for a number of years already. How long have you considered Linux to be your primary OS? If it is not your preferred OS, do you have any plans to switch in the future.

I created a poll investigating this question. Please vote for the range where you began identifying yourself as primarily a Linux user.

The poll can be found here.

Old timer

Not everyone here is new. I first downloaded Yggdrasil Linux on about 40 floppies over a 9600 baud modem from a BBS in the early '90s. For a couple of weeks or so, I'd dial in to the BBS every night before I went to bed and let it download until I got up the next morning. Once I added a sound card and a CD-ROM to my computer (the CD-ROM ran off a bus located on the sound card, so you had to have a sound card to install the CD drive), I ordered a copy of the CD from Owl Creek. Most of you are saying "What the hell is this guy talking about?" but a few are saying "Oh, yeah, I remember those days!"

Now that's dedication

It's definitely hardcore to spend that long downloading an OS. Those 9600 baud modems were painfully slow, but still better than nothing.

Linux as primary OS

Linux became my primary OS about two weeks after
I installed Linspire 5.0 in August 2005
It was not planned but happned because everything
worked as installed. It was too much bother
to switch back to my other distro.

Even the web sites with video --worked!

After several years of struggle with Red Hat then
Mandrake and some others I finally had a OS that
I didnt have to spend weeks or months configuring.

I still can boot to several versions of Windows
to help customers, but the Windows systems have
no internet connection. Even Win98 is stable
when it cant see the web.

Linux History

I started using Linux around 1998 when I purchased a RH 5.2 distro. I must disclose that I do not run a pure Linux environment. Before I retired my employer and consulting clients all used MS Windows so I have had a mixed environment. I am current running two linux boxes. I have had as many as four linux boxes but two suffered massive hardware failures.

#1 runs RH 8.0 acquired with a SAMS manual. I use it primary as a file server with two 20GB and one 80GB hard drives. Because of ROM and MoBo compatibilty issues I have kept it at RH 8.0.

#2 runs RH Fedora 4 and is my primary system. It is my LAN's DNS and printer server. Since installing Firefox and Thunderbird is has been my preferred Internet access systems. I spend several hours each day researching political on technical topics with few if any serious problems. The multiple desktops is a definite advantage over the MS's multiple windows.

In addition my LAN includes a 4-Port KVM switch and a NETWORK everywhere 4-Port Cable/DSL router. My ISP connection is a highspeed microwave link that consistantly above 1,000 kbps