My experience with mhddfs

Well apart from the cryptic name and lack of development, this package works as specified.

This is a very useful utility!

I can have 3 drives with movies on them in various folders, and combine all my movie folders into on big "drive" that shows up as normal with all the folders combined, and when I copy into it, it stores the file on the most empty drive..

Performance is a bit slow but it's a FUSE based filesystem, so whatever

The main thing is it works, and it's painless, I have mine setup in my fstab file so it's spawned when I start up.

And I can share it on SAMBA which is handy...

Very cool package.

Tested on Ubuntu Hardy i386 (v8.04.1)

I joined 3 NTFS folders together into one big folder.

One small downside is the disk usage analyzer doesn't know about it so it appears I have twice the disk capacity / usage... but I'm not complaining, it works great.


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