Foobnix Description

Foobnix is very interesting music player with CUE,, 3000+ radios, tabs, free online music playing, hotkeys, tray icons, easy navigation, user friendly.

As the local music player
1.0 Library of multiple choice directories with music
1.1 Support all formats of gstreamer (plays everything!)
1.2 Tree Navigation
1.3 Quick filter search tree navigation
1.4 Ability to customize the tabs on top, left, or lack of
1.5 Create your virtual playlists from your local or online music
1.6 Save any music from the Internet, you can by albums, the best collections.
1.7 Skrobler music on
1.8 Display lyrics
1.9 Experimental support for CUE files
1.10 Video playback
1.11 Multiple drug-and-drop from the navigation tree or file system.
1.12 Equalizer
1.13 Easy navigation on the icon (that play, pause, stop, increase, decrease volume)
1.14 Configurable global buttons:

win-Up - Add Volume
win-Down - Reduce the volume
win-Left - Next song
win-Right - Previous song
win-A - Show hide

1.15 Multimedia Keyboard shortcuts
1.16 commands from the console (foobnix - volume-up, foobnix - volume-down, foobnix - show-hide, foobnix - prev, foobnix - next, foobnix - play, foobnix - pause, foobnix - play -pause)

As online music player
2.-1Not necessarily enter your login / password facebook and
2.0 Find the most popular songs by rating
2.1 Find the most popular albums and songs rated
2.2 Finding the most similar artists and their songs are rated
2.3 Finding the most appropriate music by genre or tag rated
2.4 Find any audio information Vkontakte and her audition.
2.5 The mapping of each search for a new tabe, the opportunity to watch history.
2.6 Mapping from which album (year) current song
2.7 Displaying the most similar artists to what is
2.8 Displaying the most similar song to that which is
2.9 Slylki on the biography of the artist at wikipedia,, musicbrainz
2.10 Skrobler music on
2.11 Set in the configuration, all that is heard is cached, stored in a specified folder
2.12 Save the selection to that folder directly without having to listen to
2.13 Save as allocated to any folder at once
2.14 If the search field to drive a link to a user or group vkontakte that is possible to listen to, save the music from groups vkontakte
2.15 Displays lyrics to current song if there is
2.16 Listening to the radio (3500 pcs) set with player
2.17 to download music from the site Vkontakte
2.18 Play and download music, movies, clips.


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