Works fine

SWFTools is used by SVNFlash to display documents stored in Subversion repositories.

Open an Example of a MS Word Document

The first time it could take a while to load (+30 secs). Next times the Flash viewer will be loaded very fast from your Browser cache.

Thousands of examples are available from the LIVE DEMO:

Open the SVNFlash home page

There is a Live Demo to explore the Apache's Subversion repository (on the left menu/Standalone).

Navigate on any Apache's project and select any document to display it. It will be displayed using SWFTools!!!

Automatic Syntax Highlighting for source code files (+20 languages are supported), MS Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), OpenOffice, PDF, PNG, JPEG...

All those formats and many more can be displayed using SWFTools (of course, with some automatic transforms)

The demo server is an Ubuntu 10.04 Linux with SWFTools (0.9.1 version) installed on.

SWFTools is really great!!!

On the other hand, SVNFlash Standalone is free, so you can download and use it to publish your documents with very few effort.


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