receive media using bluetooth on a sprint blackberry curve 8330

I have a sprint blackberry curve 8330 and sprint samsung m520 and samsung m510. When I attempt to send media picture from samsung m520 to blackberry curve 8330, the connection just hangs. The percentage bar stays at 0% on the blackberry curve and the connection on the samsung m520 appears to be be hung, frozen and no action. Nothing happens at all. It appears as if both phones are frozen. But when i cancel the connections the connections are cancelled immediately, so I do not believe the bluetooth transfer are hung or frozen. Ive tried over and over again many times. I have made sure all of my settings are on, enabled, encryption set, phones right next to one another, and ready to go. I can send media files to other bluetooth enabled devices, but why is it that I am unable to receive/connect files using bluetooth. Same scenario with the samsung m510. The samsung m520 and m510 are compatible sending and receiving files using bluetooth. But why not to my blackberry? I called Sprint for tech support several times and one rep told me that blackberry compared to my samsung m520 and m510 are like a ferrari communicating with a ford taurus. Is that true? I thought and heard the blackberry network/system was so amazing and almost capable of doing almost anything. This really sucks if I am really unable to receive information using my bluetooth on the Blackberry curve. What sense does that make? Can you offer any suggestions, tips, tricks, support on how to make my bluetooths communicate? thanks


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