Unable to receive files via Bluetooth on my BB Curve 8310.

I just recently purchased a BB Curve from AT&T, and it's an awesome phone so far, but I'm having some difficutly using my Bluetooth to transfer files from one phone to another. For example, I was trying to send an MP3 from a Motorola Q to my phone, and after I was able to link myself to the Q, on the Q itself it said that "This device does not support this service." I was never able to receive the file even after numerous tries. I then tried to do it again with a different phone, but again was unable to receive the file and received a similar message on the other phone. I am however able to link to my Bluetooth headset without any problems.

Has anyone experienced these issues also? I'd like to get this clarified to see if maybe the phone I got was defective, I still have time to exchange it for a new one. Please help! Thank you!


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