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Name Description
Quanta web development environment for KDE
Aptana IDE for building dynamic web applications
Bluefish advanced Gtk+ text editor for web and software development
Rapple a lightweight XML based tool for creating websites
KompoZer Complete WYSIWYG Web Authoring System
Mozilla Internet Application Suite The Iceape Internet Suite
Mozilla Web Browser Transitional package to iceape
gPHPEdit development environment for PHP/HTML/CSS
Nvu Transition package for Nvu --> KompoZer fork
Screem A GNOME website development environment
OpenLaszlo Rich web development application
Amaya Web Browser, HTML Editor and Testbed for Draft W3C standards
TruStudio PHP IDE and Python IDE built on Eclipse
Erwin Simple HTML editor
BlueGriffon Web Editor based on the rendering engine of Firefox
CSSED graphical CSS editor