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Name Description
Geany fast and lightweight IDE
Vi IMproved (Vim) Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor
Cream VIM macros that make the VIM easier to use for beginners
KWrite simple graphical text editor
Zim graphical text editor based on wiki technologies
NEdit powerful, customizable, Motif based text editor
Kate K Advanced Text Editor
Diakonos Customizable, usable console-based text editor
RB Text editor light-weight text editor
KEdit basic text editor for KDE
Vim Gnome Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor - with GNOME2 GUI
gedit official text editor of the GNOME desktop environment
Vim Gtk Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor - with GTK2 GUI
Mousepad simple Xfce oriented text editor
Jed editor for programmers (textmode version)
Leafpad GTK+ based simple text editor
SlickEdit multi-platform, multi-language code editor
jEdit Plugin-based editor for programmers
Vim Full Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor (transitional package)
Scribes simple, slim and sleek, yet powerful text editor for GNOME
PyRoom distractionless fullscreen text editor
boxes Textmode box- and comment drawing filter
Gnotepad+ Graphical text and HTML editor
tpad Notepad enhanced clone
Komodo Edit Free editor for dynamic languages