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Name Description
RB Text editor light-weight text editor
Raw Therapee Free RAW converter and digital photo processing software
Cinelerra audio/video authoring tool
Pdftk tool for manipulating PDF documents
Subtitle Editor Graphical subtitle editor with sound waves representation
nip2 spreadsheet-like graphical image manipulation tool
Gnome Subtitles Subtitle editor for the GNOME Desktop environment
KGuitar Stringed instrument tablature editor for KDE
Gifsicle Tool for manipulating GIF images
Breakage intelligent drum machine
flpsed a WYSIWYG pseudo PostScript editor
Gneutronica MIDI drum machine for Linux
LiVES Video Editing system allowing users to edit and create video
Banshee Media Management and Playback application
Quod Libet audio library manager and player for GTK+
Uira Vector Animation Authoring Environment
Anime Studio Pro Complete 2D Animation for Digital Artists and Professionals
Hydrogen advanced drum machine/step sequencer
KompoZer Complete WYSIWYG Web Authoring System
KToon 2D Animation Toolkit
Mozilla Internet Application Suite The Iceape Internet Suite
LilyPond program for typesetting sheet music
Mozilla Web Browser Transitional package to iceape
Xara LX Heavyweight vector graphics, illustration and DTP Program
XO Wave digital audio software