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Name Description
Marble globe and map widget
GPeriodic periodic table application
Maxima Computer algebra system -- base system
OpenEuclide 2D geometry software
DebianEdu Electronic Applications Debian Edu electronics related applications
KDict dictionary client for KDE
DebianEdu Astronomy Applications Debian Edu astronomy related applications
GeoGebra Dynamic mathematics software for education
Light Speed Shows how objects moving at relativistic speeds look like
Celestia real-time visual space simulation
XEphem scientific-grade interactive astronomical ephemeris software
Solfege Ear training software
OpenUniverse 3D Universe Simulator
Mathomatic portable Computer Algebra System (CAS)
Tipptrainer A program to learn touch typing
blinKen KDE version of the Simon electronic memory game
Planets Gravitation simulation of planetary bodies
Alice Web browser (WebKit or Gecko) based IRC client
ITALC Intelligent Teaching and Learning with Computers - Master
SMath Studio free mathematical program
LingoTeach language teaching program
Ruby Manual Manual for the scripting language Ruby.
KTouch touch typing tutor for KDE
Kanagram jumble word puzzle
Bibledit transitional dummy package to bibledit-gtk