Most Viewed

Name Description
PyChess chess graphical user interface for several chess engines
3D Chess 3D chess for X11
Wordplay Anagram game and Scrabble(TM) trainer
glChess chess game with 3D graphics
XBoard X Window System Chess Board
Gnome Games games for the GNOME desktop
GNOME Chess Chess client for the GNOME desktop
Kanagram jumble word puzzle
Anagramarama fast paced anagram puzzle game using SDL
DreamChess a 3D chess game
GtkAtlantic Game like Monopoly
pouetChess 3D chess game
CGoban complete Go board
KShisen Shisen-Sho solitaire game
KsirK Risk strategy game
TEG Turn based strategy game
Picsaw jigsaw puzzle game
Knights chess interface for the KDE Platform
Xfrisk Server and X11 client for playing risk with humans or AIs
GNU Go play the game of Go
Atlantik Designer game board designer for Atlantik
KMahjongg mahjongg solitaire game
JavaRisk strategic game roughly based on the board game Risk
GnomerMind Board game for GNOME
qGo Go client and full featured SGF editor