Image Editors

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Name Description
Nathive libre software image editor
Pinta Simple drawing/painting program
GIMPshop Version of Gimp designed to look like Photoshop
Pencil animation/drawing software
KolourPaint simple image editor and drawing application
Phatch simple to use Photo Batch Processor - GUI
Autopano-SIFT Automated control point extraction for panorama generation
Enfuse image exposure blending tool
Rawstudio RAW image converter
Autopano Pro panorama creation software
Qtpfsgui luminance-hdr transitional package
Cenon Vector graphics tool for GNUstep
GREYCstoration Open source algorithm for image denoising and interpolation
qpfstmo HDR Tone Mapping GUI
gpaint GNU Paint - a small, easy to use paint program for GNOME
ingimp Instrumented version of the GNU Image Manipulation Program
KIconEdit icon editor for KDE 4
Pixmap A pixmap editor
gnome-paint simple, easy to use paint program for GNOME