Instant Messaging

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Name Description
Kopete instant messaging and chat application
Galaxium an IM application designed for the GNOME desktop
emesene instant messaging client
GYachI GTK-based Linux client for the Yahoo! Messenger protocol
Centericq A text-mode multi-protocol instant messenger client
Gaim/Pidgin graphical multi-protocol instant messaging client for X
Gajim GTK+-based Jabber client
Yahoo! Messenger Send instant messages to your friends
Jabbin Jabber IM client with VoIP support
Coccinella Communication tool (XMPP/Jabber) with a built-in whiteboard
aMSN An MSN messenger written in Tcl
Empathy GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client
Psi Jabber client using Qt
Lotus Notes Enterprise-class email, calendar, and messaging suite
Gossip friendly Jabber client for GNOME
Pidgin graphical multi-protocol instant messaging client
Unison Desktop Client combines a telephone system, email and instant messaging in a single client
Finch text-based multi-protocol instant messaging client
Ayttm Universal instant messaging client
Sim-IM open-source speech recognition program
ScatterChat Secure instant messaging client
KMess MSN messenger for KDE
Licq multi-protocol instant messaging client (base files)
PhareRouge Hotline protocol client
Spicebird e-mail, calendaring and instant messaging app