Share Your App Screenshots

A new screenshot system has been implemented. Screenshots can now be uploaded from each app's page by any registered user. Registered users also have an administration page to edit descriptions or delete images they no longer want posted.

The viewer can be accessed from the Screenshot link in the header to show thumbnails of all available images. When viewing an app's page its most recent pictures will be displayed. Those thumbnails link through to the full screenshots in the viewer.


Sounds cool, would it also be possible to just link to a screenshot elsewhere on the web (with a note saying you need to hold the rights to that screenshot, and the ability to flag it). That'd be totally awesome as I still have a few CC-licensed screenshots on Flickr.

Oh wait, Flickr requires you to link back to the page. Crap.

Linking offsite

My system isn't currently set up to link to another site. I have it set to look in a specific directory. While expanding the capability is an option, a file that I don't control might not fit the right resolution or filetype. If it does I could display it without a problem, but I would still need to be able to create a thumbnail of it.

The screenshot system uses two separate files instead of scaling down on the server every time one is loaded. If you have any suggestions for how to work around that and would still find the capability valuable let me know and I can give it some further thought.