using link "Install Now"

In my first use of a link (in this site) "Install Now",
locally I was prompted to specify a local program to use,
and I specified apt-get.

Nothing further happened. Then I found in this page
that apt-url is what to specify.

No more such prompts come from more clicks of link,
therefore I need to know where to clear or change
the above-mentioned specification.


Chromium was set up to launch xdg-open on my system, which takes you to the correct app in Ubuntu Software Center.

Firefox should give you the opportunity to select a program to open. You'll need to navigate to /usr/bin/apturl and it should work.

Opera makes you go to Preferences -> Advanced -> Programs where you can add a protocol helper for apt. Simply type apt as the protocol and apturl as the program to get it to work.

I hope that helps.


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