Booklet printing - "Libretto" - bash script based on psutils

I know lot of people missing "FINEPRINT" on linux, this is a good emulation, with "libretto"(=booklet) function too.
You can print into .ps files storing them in a directory from different applications choosing pages that you want
(from firefox, openoffice, pdf readers, text editors) and then just right-clicking to print everything,
choosing between alphabetical and mouse-select or console argument order. Than you can choose if to make an A5 booklet or to leave in A4.
It's a bash script based on psutils and ghostscript packages.
Very useful for non-automatic duplex printers too, it waits for first side printer job to be finished
before prompt to reposition sheets on the other side.
Written in 3 versions: gtk (using zenity), kde (using kdialog) and command line
Anyway while Kde one is no longer updated, GTK and command line scripts contain improvements from 1.2 version.
GTK one is strongly recommended for KDE desktops too.
To activate service menu in kde you must copy .desktop file in:


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