Tagging Comes to Linux App Finder


Tagging is now supported at Linux App Finder. If an app has tags associated with it, they will appear just below the program's title. Clicking a tag will display all apps that share it. A search box is also available to further narrow down the results within a specific tag.

If you are a registered user and logged in, it is very easy to add a new tag. A text box will appear just below where you can already rate the app. Type in the new tag, hit submit, and the page will reload with the new tag displayed.

Please feel free to add any pertinent tags that you think makes a program easier to find. I started adding some, but most remain untagged so far.



The Updated Applications feed now contains the changelog entry for the most recent version in addition to the version number itself. Hopefully it will help you get a feel for whether anything interesting has been added. The changelog used is the one for the deb package, so only what gets included by the package maintainer will be included in the feed.

Transcode Video with Avidemux

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You would think that finding a good video encoding app would be easy. Solid command line tools like transcode, FFmpeg, and MEncoder do exist, but readily available graphical apps are hard to come by. Frustrated with the dedicated alternatives, I turned to Avidemux. It's known best as an easy to use video editor, but the controls also make it very easy to just transcode video.

Make a DVD Slideshow Using QDVDAuthor

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Last weekend a family member asked me if I knew how to create slideshow on a DVD and it got me thinking. I had seen programs that indicated they could do it, but I had never had a reason to try because my TV is already directly attached to a computer. After browsing the apps in the DVD Authoring category I settled upon QDVDAuthor and decided to give it a try.

Updates Applications Feed is Now Available

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An Updated Applications feed is now available. If RSS isn't your style, you can also subscribe by Email.

The feed will list any application in one of the tracked repositories with an updated version. Packaging updates that are only relevant to a specific distro will not be reported.

Create Photo Mosaics with Metapixel

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I've always thought that mosaics were an interesting art form, so when I ran across Metapixel a while back I noted it as an app worth checking out. Metapixel is a single purpose tool, but it does its job very well. In no time you can create an impressive photo mosaic using your existing photos and a couple commands.