Video on the Web: Plug-ins Required


There are many different video formats used by websites these days, and unfortunately, most of them are proprietary. After getting frustratrated by so many commercial sites ignoring Linux, I decided to do my own investigation of some noteworthy content sites to see if they are Linux friendly, can be made to work, or are downright exclusionary.

Transferring Files Over Bluetooth using a BlackBerry Curve, Pearl, or 8800

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If you own, or are considering buying, one of BlackBerry's Curve, Pearl, or 8800 smart phones then here is a simple guide for transferring files to and from it using Bluetooth.

Part 1 of this investigation focused on setting up a USB connection. Part 2 described how to use a BlackBerry with Amarok.

Single-Click Installs

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I'm pleased to annouce that apturl support has been added to Linux App Finder. apturl is a program enabling single-click installs from within a browser. It is currently in the Ubuntu Gutsy repositories, but versions for Debian and Ubuntu Feisty are also available.

Using Amarok to Transfer Music to a BlackBerry Curve

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Now that I have a memory card installed in my BlackBerry Curve, it's time to load some music. Amarok is my player of choice so I decided to focus my efforts on syncing using it.

Part 1 of this investigation focused on setting up a USB connection. Part 3 will describe how to transfer files using Bluetooth.

Using a BlackBerry Curve with Linux


I recently got a BlackBerry Curve for work, and being a Linux user I was immediately interested in getting them to work together. The bad news is that RIM doesn't make a driver for Linux. The good news is that you can still get them to work together anyway. Here's how.

Need Help Determining a Browser's Network Protocol Support

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I'm working on adding apturl support to Linux App Finder so programs in a deb repository can be installed just by clicking a link. Since not every system will have apturl installed, I'd like to be able to detect whether or not the browser can handle an apt: link and use the information to display appropriate instructions. Does anyone know how to do that?

Notify on Reply Capability Added to the Forums


Registered visitors now have the ability to be notified when a forum topic has been replied to. There is a "subscribe post" link just after the initial entry in a particular topic. Clicking it will do the trick. If you are already subscribed to a particular thread the link will state "unsubscribe post" instead. Enjoy.