Word Processors

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Name Description
LibreOffice - Writer office productivity suite -- word processor
Writer's Cafe fiction writing software
OpenOffice.org - Writer office productivity suite -- word processor
AbiWord efficient, featureful word processor with collaboration
StorYBook Open Source Novel Writing Software
LyX document processor
FlyWord Online word processor
KWord transitional dummy package for calligrawords
FocusWriter Fullscreen distraction-free writing program
TextMaker Word processor
Referencer GNOME Document Organiser
Writer's World Maker Novel writing program
AjaxWrite Online word processor
KBibTeX BibTeX editor for KDE
Celtx Integrated media pre-production and screenwriting app
Treepad Freeware personal database, organizer and text editor for Linux.
RefDB reference database and bibliography tool
Pybliographer tool for manipulating bibliographic databases
Dockboard Outline editor
Wyneken content oriented text processor
Sigil multi-platform ebook editor
WIKINDX bibliographic and quotations/notes management and article authoring system
Fade In Professional Professional Screen Writing Software
WriteType application designed to help students write more easily