Pandora Internet Radio

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Pandora grew out of the Music Genome Project. It is a free internet radio station. Simply select a song or artist and a station will be built based on similar musical characteristics.
Interface: Web Browser
Rating: Excellent (5 votes)

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Pandora is great, but...

It's a web site. Why is it listed as a Linux app?

not an app

As above, wtf?

is an app

It actually *IS* an application. There is an air package that allows the player to be run on any machine that has Adobe Air installed.

Not an App

I have to agree... this really is not an APP needing another something that is actually an app. to run it does not make the program itself an application...

its a web app and desktop app for everything EXCEPT linux

I tried to download the Windows one and run it in Wine... Downloading Adobe AIR as a .bin didn't allow me to install it so of course I couldn't install Pandora. PANDORA IS NOT AN APP FOR LINUX... unfortunately.

No, it works fine.

Just installed Adobe Air and Pandora on Ubuntu 9.04. Works wonderfully, and now I can run it without worrying about closing the tab with pandora on it :D


I was also able to install air perfectly on ubuntu and am using tweetdeck, which is specifically a windows/osx app.


wrong! tweetdeck is multiplatform look at tux on the tweetdeck homepage!

Why not.....

Why not implement pandora as a module in Rhythmbox for example.
just as Jamendo and Magnatune

Works fine in Linux on i586 systems, but not on x86_64

AIR will not properly install unless dependencies are met. In current x86_64 systems (Mandriva Linux 2009.1) a ew of these dependencies are deprecated, so no AIR compatibility. Why should an ostensibly Open Source project depend on proprietary software to be an app rather than a WEB app?

Requires for-pay Pandora service

There's a membership charge to get the "Pandora One" upgrade. It should run fine using Adobe's Linux AIR installer though.

There's an app now!

I have developed an app that runs on top of pianobar and does exactly what you are looking for.

Download and install in this order:

1. pianobar.deb
2. pandoracontrol.deb

Debs are here:

There's an app now! (?)

I salute anyone and everyone who develops an App. At the same time, I am Slackware user thinking about moving to Gentoo. Apps packaged in other distro formats are somewhat complicated to install. Would you please consider a tar.gz ball for non-Debian users? Thanks!


that media fire app is for i386 architecture. Need Amd


I've been using Pithos and that seems to work.

Good work friend! both

Good work friend! both recommender and coder 'Kevin Mehall'. Very simple instructions on site built and play in debian, gnome, sid, amd64 architecture... if it works there it should work in most other environments.