TightVNC Viewer

Tags: vnc

Alternative To: Microsoft Remote Desktop

virtual network computing client software for X
Interface: Graphical
Associated Programs
ssh secure shell client and server (metapackage)
TightVNC Server virtual network computing server software
xfonts-base standard fonts for X
Available deb Repositories (how-to add a respository)
Debian 32-bit 64-bit
stable 1.3.9-6.4 1.3.9-6.4
testing 1.3.9-6.5 1.3.9-6.5
sid 1.3.9-6.5 1.3.9-6.5

Ubuntu 32-bit 64-bit
precise 1.3.9-6.2ubuntu2 1.3.9-6.2ubuntu2

Rating: Very Good (1 vote)

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Windows VNC hosts, and fullscreen support

Well I installed the TightVNC 1.3.9 server from their website (http://www.tightvnc.org/) on a Windows XP machine in my network...

I then went to my Ubuntu 8.04.1 machine and fired up the built-in Vinagre 0.5.1 and connected to it.

The performance was somewhat slow... usable, but a bit laggy considering the machine was connected using 100Mbit Fast Ethernet.

So I went to synaptic and downloaded xtightvncviewer 1.2.9-22 (ubuntu from universe)

That was much faster, but still suffered from the scrollwheel not updating the screen fully bug...

So on the server I followed the instructions on the page: http://www.tightvnc.org/download.html and installed the DFMirage display mirror driver... restarted the VNC Server service... and bingo, now my scrollwheel scrolls the page and updates the screen, and even Vinagre is faster, but still dog-slow compared to xtightvncviewer, which is almost as fast as native...

The final problem I have is when using "Fullscreen" (press F8 then press fullscreen) mode in the xtightvncviewer it is not centred...
So I was hoping the latest version 1.3.9 would have this fixed since it's in the changelog... however their website has no DEB, so I downloaded the source and attempted to compile it, but I'm a noob so it didn't work...

so I'm going to try the sid one and see if it works... UPDATE: I installed the 1.3.9-4 version for Debian Sid, (on Ubuntu hardy) and it works fine, but still has the fullscreen off-centre bug...

Oh well at least it's quick!