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Name Description
freeFEM PDE oriented language using Finite Element Method
K3DSurf tool for mathematical surfaces
Octave-GTK GUI for Octave
Kalculus GUI front-end to the multiple mathematic computational systems
KFormula formula drawing component for the KDE Office Suite
ggplot implementation of the grammar of graphics in R
freeFEM3D Language and solver for partial differential equations in 3D
GraphThing tool to create, manipulate and study graphs
Grace XY graphing and plotting tool
QLiss3D demonstration tool for Lissajous figures
Qalculate! the ultimate desktop calculator
Cantor interface for mathematical applications
Xeukleides System for drawing and viewing Euclidean geometry figures
KCalc simple and scientific calculator
Reshape R package for flexibly restructuring and aggregating data
Rocs graph theory IDE
ChainLink integrated environment for scientific data analysis and visualization
Harminv extraction of complex frequencies and amplitudes from time series
Yaog integrated development environment for Octave
bc The GNU bc arbitrary precision calculator language
RStudio integrated development environment (IDE) for R
SpeedCrunch High precision calculator
dc The GNU dc arbitrary precision reverse-polish calculator
ASCEND free open-source software program for solving small to very large mathematical models
GAUSS Mathematical and Statistical System Mathematical & Statistical System