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Name Description
Alacarte easy GNOME menu editing tool
KWiFiManager wireless lan manager for KDE
cpudyn CPU dynamic frequency control for processors with scaling
gbtsco Bluetooth headset manager for Gnome
Gestikk recognizes predefined mouse gestures and executes defined actions
iproute transitional dummy package for iproute2
KeyTouch A program to configure extra function keys in multimedia keyboards
kX Generator KDE X Server configuration utility
Guidedog NAT/masquerading/port-forwarding configuration tool for KDE
Powertweak Tool to tune system for optimal performance
lomoco Logitech Mouse Control for USB mice
Fontmatrix featureful personal font manager
wmWAVE Monitor status of an 802.11 wireless ethernet link
KDE Application Finder non-KDE application finder for KDE
Kiosk Admin Tool tool to configure the KDE kiosk framework
XBindKeys Associate a combination of keys or mouse buttons with a shell command
KDE Partition Manager file, disk and partition management for KDE
KWaveControl Wireless device monitoring application for KDE
KSynaptics Synaptics TouchPad configuration tool for KDE
hdparm tune hard disk parameters for high performance
Kamera digital camera support for KDE applications
ConnMan Intel Connection Manager daemon
ifrename Rename network interfaces based on various static criteria
Disper display switcher for attaching/detaching displays easily
galternatives graphical setup tool for the alternatives system