File Systems

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Name Description
mhddfs file system for unifying several mount points into one
Ntfs-config Enable/disable write support for any NTFS devices
sshfs filesystem client based on SSH File Transfer Protocol
beaglefs implements a filesystem representing a live Beagle query
Autofs kernel-based automounter for Linux
MP3FS FUSE filesystem for transcoding FLAC to MP3 on the fly
Shake Defragmenter defragmenter that runs in userspace
ntfs-3g read/write NTFS driver for FUSE
smbfs Common Internet File System utilities - compatibility package
GMailFS Use your GMail account as a filesystem
PSmisc utilities that use the proc file system
fusesmb filesystem client based on the SMB file transfer protocol
ccgfs A transport-agnostic filesystem
ntfsprogs read/write NTFS driver for FUSE (transitional package)
compFUSEd transparent compression filesystem for Linux
FuseIso FUSE module to mount ISO filesystem images
GLS GNU/Linux Semantic Storage System
ChironFS FUSE based filesystem that implements replication at the filesystem level
LtspFS Fuse based remote filesystem for LTSP thin clients
EncFS encrypted virtual filesystem
convertfs in-place filesystem conversion
httpfs FUSE based filesystem for mounting remote files
defrag ext2, minix and xiafs filesystem defragmenter
goofs userspace filesystem which aims to expose Google services