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Name Description
NetDirector Open and extensible management framework
ISPConfig Hosting control panel
GOsa Web Based LDAP Administration Program
Squid Cache Manager Full featured Web Proxy cache (HTTP proxy) - control CGI
phpMyAdmin MySQL web administration tool
SWAT Samba Web Administration Tool
phpLDAPadmin web based interface for administering LDAP servers
Zivios Open Source Enterprise Management
Kolab WebAdmin Kolab administration web interface
Gadmintools GTK+ server administration tools (meta-package)
RackTables Open Source solution for datacenter and server room management
Luma gui utility for accessing and managing LDAP database
Centeris Likewise Identity cross-platform identity management solution that integrates of Linux systems with Microsoft Active Directory
openQRM Open Source Systems Management Solution
KolabAdmin Kolab administration tool
Centrify Express Active Directory-based authentication and single sign-on to cross-platform systems