Free Linux App Finder Subscriptions

Linux App Finder offers a variety of free email newletters and RSS feeds. The primary subscriptions are listed below, but additional RSS feeds can be found in the Subscribe section of the left sidebar and through your browser's auto-discovery feature. Those links will typically appear at the right side of the address bar. The available feeds differ depending upon the content of the page that you are viewing.

Linux App Finder - Helping find the Linux apps you need
This subscription contains all news and blog posts.
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Linux App Finder - New Applications
This subscription contains descriptions of all new programs that are added to Linux App Finder. It is a great way to discover interesting apps.
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Linux App Finder - Updated Applications
This subscription contains descriptions of new versions that become available.
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Linux App Finder - Web Links
This subscription contains new and reviews from around the web that relate to Linux applications.
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My Experience with Akregator Feed Reader

Back in March I started looking for a new feed reader. I had been using Opera's built in RSS capabilities, but it didn't offer the control I was looking for. As a KDE user my first stop was Akregator and I never felt the need to look anywhere else.

RSS Feed Preferences

The RSS feeds for the Linux App Finder News and Blog sections are currently partial only. I'm trying to determine if I should switch them to contain the full text of the posts instead. Please vote and/or leave your comments if you have a preference that you would like to see adopted.

You can find the poll here.

Updates Applications Feed is Now Available

An Updated Applications feed is now available. If RSS isn't your style, you can also subscribe by Email.

The feed will list any application in one of the tracked repositories with an updated version. Packaging updates that are only relevant to a specific distro will not be reported.

New Web Links RSS Feed

A new RSS feed has been added to Linux App Finder. It will contain the most recent web links that have been submitted for any program in the database. These links typically appear on the right hand side of the site, but until now there hasn't been a way to monitor all of the links, regardless of which program it relates to. The feed can be added by choosing "Linux App Finder Web Links" from the list of feeds that is shown after clicking the RSS or Live Bookmark icon at the right of your browser's address bar.

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