Create Video for an iPod Using Thin Liquid Film

Thin Liquid Film is specifically designed for converting videos to an iPod compatible format. It also supports transfering files to an iPod. I've been aware of it for a while now, but only recently got around to giving it a try, and I must say that I'm impressed. If you own a video iPod then Thin Liquid Film is a must have app.

iPod Audio, Photo, and Video Tools for Linux

From the moment Apple first launched the iPod it has been a spectacular hit. First with a single audio only version, then adding other sizes, photo viewing, and video capability. Besides the iPod itself, iTunes software was a key component that made it easy to manage for Mac users. Eventually Windows support was added, but what about Linux?

iTunes still hasn't made it to Linux, and probably won't, however there are tools available for everything except the iTunes music store and support for DRM protected files. Tools for using an iPod with Linux can be broken up into four categories: file management, audio, photos, and video; although there is overlap between them.

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