GetDeb, Debian Squeeze, and a Complete Database Update

A few long overdue updates to the Linux App Finder database are in process. I finally added support for the GetDeb apps and games repositories. These are some very useful repositories because you can often find deb files for apps in them that aren't yet in Debian or Ubuntu. They also could be used to get more recent versions of some programs than you might find elsewhere. All of the apps in GetDeb are not yet in Linux App Finder, but at least those that are will be reflected in the available files.

Debian Squeeze will be the next Debian release and is the current testing version. All of the official Debian squeeze repos will be updated. I also included the squeeze section of the Opera repository.

Ubuntu Karmic Koala Repositories Added

Ubuntu's Karmic Koala repositories have now been added. I haven't run a complete database update because it takes ages, but any new or updated apps will have the latest links. Install Now will work regardless of what is shown on the screen because it looks for what is in your local repositories.

Medibuntu's Karmic repositories have also been added.

Ubuntu Intrepid Repositories Have Been Added

All of the Ubuntu Intrepid repositories have been added and a complete database update was run. I also cleared out a few old repos that weren't supported anymore.

New Ubuntu, Medibuntu, and OpenSuse Repositories

Some long overdue repositories were finally added. They include Ubuntu hardy-backports, Ubuntu hardy-partner, Medibuntu hardy, and OpenSuse 11.0. A complete database update has not been run, but as new versions of apps get released all of the repositories will be synced.

I'll be adding the Ubuntu intrepid repositories in the near future and looking at some others as well.

Ubuntu Hardy Heron Repositories Added

Links to the Ubuntu Hardy Heron repositories have been added. I haven't done a complete update of the database, but each app will be updated whenever a new version is released.

New Ubuntu Gutsy Repositories

The gutsy-backports and gutsy-parner repositories have been added. I haven't run a complete update on the database yet, but from this point on whenever a new version is released to those repositories it will be reflected on Linux App Finder.

OpenSUSE 10.3 Repositories

I finally got around to getting the database completely synced with the OpenSUSE 10.3 repositories. You should now see a link to those files from the RPM section for each package that is included.

Debian Lenny and Ubuntu Gutsy Repos Added

Support for the Debian Lenny and Ubuntu Gutsy repositories have been added. I haven't done a complete sync with every app yet, so for now a listing will only be added once a new version becomes available.

Now Featuring PCLinuxOS

It's long overdue, but I'm pleased to announce that PCLinuxOS repositories are now supported alongside Debian, Ubuntu, and OpenSUSE. PCLinuxOS is a highly regarded rpm-based distro featuring KDE.

The upcoming 2007 version is the only one I have added so far and I plan to add all future versions. If you'd like to see any of the earlier versions added as well please leave a comment with your request.

(K)Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Repository now available

For all of you (K)Ubuntu users out there, the Feisty Fawn repository has now been added. Additions have also been made recently to include the Kiperpipa repository that contains Cinelerra, as well as Edgy backports and Edgy commercial.

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