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Name Description
Xnee X event recorder/replayer - metapackage
Heyu X10 Automation
Snowflake An interactive snowflake generator
actiTIME time tracking software for business
Computer Janitor Clean up a system so it's more like a freshly installed one
Viewglob A graphical display of directories referenced at the shell prompt
xclip command line interface to X selections
KMoon moon phase indicator for KDE
BookmarkBridge tool to synchronize bookmarks between browsers
Touchegg Multitouch gesture recognizer
GenScriber transcription editor for census records, church records, birth, marriage, baptisms, burials, index records etc
Gloobus enable a full screen preview of any kind of file
transfermii transfer your mii from and to your wiimotes
KSig graphical tool for managing multiple email signatures
kFish fish panel applet for KDE
ClipIt lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager
e4rat Improving Startup Times by Physical Block Reallocation
MoviXMaker-2 Utility to create customized eMoviX/MoviX/MoviX˛ CD images
TeleKast script editor and teleprompter
KFLog Flight planner and logger for glider pilots
DMcsvEditor A simple CSV editor application for linux
GNOME Split GNOME Split - File splitter for GNOME desktop
ClipSaver GUI Application To Save and modify your clipboard's history.
Silicon Auto Image Mounter