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Name Description
Kerry Beagle a KDE frontend for the Beagle desktop search daemon
SearchMonkey search files using regular expressions aiming to replace find/grep tools
Recoll Personal full text search package with a Qt GUI
Pinot meta-search engine for local files and web queries
Strigi Qt4 client for Strigi Desktop Search
kio-locate kio-slave for the locate command
kio-beagle beagle kio-slave
beaglefs implements a filesystem representing a live Beagle query
Pinot Applet dummy transitional package
kio-clucene full-text content and metadata search kioslave
AudioLink makes managing and searching for music easier
yaBi Beagle search client
Beagle indexing and search tool for your personal data
Catfish file search tool that support several different engines
Tracker metadata database, indexer and search tool
Deskbar Applet universal search and navigation bar for GNOME
Doodle Desktop Search Engine (client)
Affinity Desktop search tool that supports multiple indexers
GLS GNU/Linux Semantic Storage System
msort utility for sorting records in complex ways
mairix indexes and searches email in locally stored email
Docco Desktop search tool
Hyper Estraier full-text search system for communities
Splunk Search engine for IT data
Kat Desktop search engine