About Us

When I first switched to Linux from Windows, one problem I had was finding good programs to accomplish some of the same tasks I was already doing. I knew there were plenty out there, but I didn't know how to find them. Linux App Finder was an idea that developed out of my search.

The site is updated regularly with new programs, new web links, and new version information. The deb repository listings are generated from automated scripts and are intended to provide a quick snapshot of where to get the version you are looking for. It also allows you to keep tabs on new releases.

For users who need other package formats, following the "Home Page" link will typically allow you to find another method. This is also true for packages that are not part of a deb repository.

Feature Roadmap
Over the coming months Linux App Finder will be continuing to expand by adding new features in addition to adding new applications to the database. Here are some of the features currently being considered, in no particular order.
  • The ability to track favorite apps and get a custom RSS feed with news and version updates
  • An installer so you don't have you go back to your package manager when you find an app you want to test
  • Additional repositories
Please send us feedback if you are interesting in any or these moving up in priority, or if you would like to suggest an additional feature.

Site Feedback
We are always looking to improve and welcome your feedback on site design, content, and anything else you'd like to comment on. Click here to email us.

Submit Program
If you know of a good program that is not in our database please let us know about it. Click here to send us the name and website of the program.

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Linux App Finder

Application Tips
In the future we'd like to publish occasional articles describing interesting programs or interesting features of a program. If you have an experience you'd like to share we welcome submissions. If you have any tips you'd like to share, but aren't interested in writing an article, please start a thread in the forums and share your experience.

Let us know about programs you use that we don't have in the database. We'd love to check it out. See the "Submit Program" section above to send us an email with the details. Also let us know if you are looking for a type of application that we don't have in the database and we'll start looking as well.

Debian Repositories
If you know of a good multi-distro repository or a software vendor's repository (i.e. Skype), please let us know. We'd like to provide links to the latest versions whenever possible.