Transferring Files Over Bluetooth using a BlackBerry Curve, Pearl, or 8800

If you own, or are considering buying, one of BlackBerry's Curve, Pearl, or 8800 smart phones then here is a simple guide for transferring files to and from it using Bluetooth.

Part 1 of this investigation focused on setting up a USB connection. Part 2 described how to use a BlackBerry with Amarok.

Each sequences of steps assumes that you are starting from the main menu.

Pairing BlackBerry and Computer

On the BlackBerry
1. Manage Connections -> Bluetooth Options -> Add Device
2. Select your device from the list of available Bluetooth devices
3. Enter the passkey

On the Computer
1. Enter the passkey when the window pops up

Configure BlackBerry to Receive Files

On the BlackBerry
1. Manage Connections -> Bluetooth Options -> Press the menu key and select Options
2. Change the Discoverable setting to Yes

If you want to be able to transfer to your BlackBerry, this setting needs to be enabled. It is not necessary if all you want to do is send files from the BlackBerry.

Upload Photo from Computer to BlackBerry
Potential Usage: Transfer a picture to use as a background or for caller ID on the BlackBerry.

On the BlackBerry
1. Media -> Press the menu key and select Receive Using Bluetooth
2. You should see a message on the phone that says Waiting for Connection.

On the Computer
1. Launch a Bluetooth file transfer client. I used KDE's Bluetooth OBEX Client.
2. Click the Search button. With the Curve you should see an entry for a BlackBerry 8300 File Transfer Agent.
3. Drag files to transferred to the File to Send area then click Send
4. Press yes on the BlackBerry to allow the transfer
5. Select the folder to save to

Download Photo from BlackBerry to Computer
Potential Usage: Transfer pictures taken with the BlackBerry Curve's built-in camera to a computer.

On the BlackBerry
1. Media -> Pictures -> Device Memory -> Highlight a picture, press the menu key, and select Send Using Bluetooth
2. Select the appropriate entry from the list of paired devices

On the Computer
1. Authorize the transfer when the window pops up

During this last step you can also choose to automatically allow or deny the BlackBerry device if you don't want to be asked every time you want to transfer a file.

blackberry curve photo transfer

Thank you so much, I would have never figured this out without your help and spelled out so well on this page! I did get my pictures transferred to my computer from my Blackberry Curve, I wish I could have figured out if there was a way to transfer them all at once but it only took about 10 seconds a picture.


How can I send any files via Blackberry bluetooth H690 to another blackblerry...the owner also has H690 bluetooth. Is that possible. Also the video is too large is there a way to format the video to send.. Please advise. Thanks

Awesome Tip!

I'm using the Blackberry Tour and I've really wanted to get my pictures and videos archived off. This was an awesome tip. Since it took me a little tinkering to figure it out, make sure in KDE that you right-click the tray icon, select Settings--Bluetooth Adapters and put your computer into discoverable mode, if you want to connect that way. I couldn't get the computer to connect to my Blackberry the other direction; I kept getting an error about not being enabled for input. Anyway, works perfectly this way, so THANKS!

help with a blckberry curve 8310

i cant recive music files from my pc or any one else via bluetooth but i can recive picture messages..!! please help..!!

Blueetooth sorted

My sibs and i have been struggling to figure out how to use the bluetooth function on our BB's to send and recieve files. In under a minute we've sorted it out and free from frustrating circumstances.

"You shall know the truth and it shall make you free!!"

Thanks a million.

Freed user.

Blackberry phones are not accepting files from Samsung phones

I tried to send a song via bluetooth from a Samsung to a BlackBerry but the file got cancelled . Then i transferred the same file from my Samsung phone to a Nokia Phone , and then the file was transferred . I want to Know Why does Samsung phones accept Nokia but does not accept Blackberry or why doesn't Blackberry Accept files from Samsung phones


OMG I LOVE YOU!! YOU SAVED MY LIFEE!! i was trying for days to connect to bluetooth and you
saved my life! thankyou soo muchhh

can anyone tell me the

can anyone tell me the passkey for blackberry curve plz? rhanx

My device is paired.

My device is paired with my macbook... it sends files through bluetooth to my macbook but strangely enough it will not send data from my macbook to my blackberry curve. It's really frustrating and I dont understand it.
I cant wait to have an iphone instead of this stupid blackberry. REALLY disliking it!

How to find files received from Laptop on by BB 8900 curve likes

How to find files received from Laptop on by BB 8900 curve

I transferred files from my laptop on t5o my BB 8900 curve and i do not know the path to see these files can pls someone help.


Blackberry Curve 8330

Sending a pic by Bluetooth...says failed to find service????? Means?????


bluetooth protocol

can u tell me that how can i modify the bluetooth transferring protocol,so that i am able to transfer data without any restrictions

Transfer files via bluetooth

If u want receive files from other blue tooth device, follow the steps
step1: Turn on ur blue tooth device make it visible
step2:go to media and click on blackberry button u will see an option receive using bluettoth.

Bluetooth File Transfer

Great! This was very much helpful.


it wont let me transfer it says a/v remote control terminated

I can conecct for a second to another phone but it just says a/v remote control terminated. Why does it do that? I'm enabled and all and discover able. But my a/v remote control terminates the connection? Why am I missing something I got the new blackberry

internet browser not working

My phone set is blackberry 8310 and not working internet browser. i tried to install opera mini. and i copied it in my memory card by USB cable. how to install?


I have Blackberry curve and I am able to send items to other paired bluetooth devices however I am not able to receiove anything from any other device, any suggestions?

Can't Bluetooth to other devices

Hey u guys, jus bought a BB Bold 9700 and cant seem to transfer media from my other phone or my laptop to it, my fren said its a setting that most BB's have that requires simple changing in the settings.... anyone has any idea of wat seeting needs to be changed or how to solve my prob????


I have tried getting people to send music from their phones via Bluetooth to my Blackberry curve 8900 and they can't connect to my phone.Is this a problem with Blackberry?


i was having the same problem ie being able to send files via bluetooth but not able to recieve them , i was ensuring i was going into the folder i wanted to recieve the file into and pressing recieve by bluetooth before my paired phone sent it and it just kept sticking on waiting for file transfer, i solved it really easy by just rebooting the phone. To reboot just remove the battery on the blackberry while the phone is still turned on , wait 10 seconds and then put the battery back in and turn on, retry and see if this works


Best information realy good stuff. guys like you makes the internet a better place to live on.

cant receive file to my black berry 9000

cant receive file to my black berry 9000

Unable to receive files via Bluetooth on my BB Curve 8320

I have BB 8320 & face a problem i send file on other mobile through Bluetooth but not received. What can i Do?


this was great! very helpful on how to transfer mp3s into my 8900.


Excellent soluton

Keep up the good sprit... thank a ton it worked...

file tranfer

i can send files but i can receieve them, please help!


I been stuck for two days trying to figure this thing out,


my blootooth still wont work

my blootooth still wont work and i have tryed evrything any suggestions plzz ????

file transfer

can we send any file from blackberry to other phone via bluetooth..??

again I have the same prob with samsung phone

Issue is same . not able to transfer files from my samsung phone to blackberry