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Name Description
Quanta web development environment for KDE
Karbon vector graphics application for the Calligra Suite
Jokosher simple and easy to use audio multi-tracker
Krita pixel-based image manipulation program
Bibble Professional Workflow and RAW Conversion software
Vi IMproved (Vim) Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor
Geany fast and lightweight IDE
Renoise A different approach to music composing
Zim graphical text editor based on wiki technologies
Cream VIM macros that make the VIM easier to use for beginners
KWrite simple text editor
puddletag simple, powerful audio tag editor
FidoCadJ a free graphical editor for (more than) electronics
Conglomerate user-friendly XML editor
KDEnlive non-linear video editor
Audacity fast, cross-platform audio editor
Bluefish advanced Gtk+ text editor for web and software development
Inkscape vector-based drawing program
Gimp Image Editor GNU Image Manipulation Program
LMMS Linux Multimedia Studio
NEdit powerful, customizable, Motif based text editor
Avidemux a free video editor - GTK version
Pixel Image Editor Image editor
Amarok easy to use media player based on the KDE Platform
Kate powerful text editor