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Name Description
recordMyDesktop Captures audio-video data of a Linux desktop session
Digikam digital photo management application for KDE
Gwenview image viewer
gThumb Image Viewer image viewer and browser
Hugin panorama photo stitcher - GUI tools
SWF Tools Collection of utilities for SWF file manipulation/creation
ScreenKast Screen capturing to video program
F-Spot personal photo management application
Karbon vector graphics application for the Calligra Suite
Blender Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer
Krita pixel-based image manipulation program
Kivio Transitional Package for Calligra Flow
Bibble Professional Workflow and RAW Conversion software
Shutter feature-rich screenshot program
ABBYY FineReader Engine High Quality OCR for Linux!
Ogre Tools 3D Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine (tools)
Webilder Complete solution for Webshots users who use Linux
XSane featureful graphical frontend for SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy)
FidoCadJ a free graphical editor for (more than) electronics
Type light 3.2x font editor
Google Earth Google Earth
Inkscape vector-based drawing program
Gimp Image Editor GNU Image Manipulation Program
Geotag match date/time information from photos with location information from a GPS unit or from a map
Pixel Image Editor Image editor