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Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) links are now live

With the recent launch Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) I have added a links for those versions to any app contained in the natty repositories. I also fixed a few bugs so every app should now have up to date versions and links for each of the distributions tracked on Linux App Finder.

GetDeb, Debian Squeeze, and a Complete Database Update

A few long overdue updates to the Linux App Finder database are in process. I finally added support for the GetDeb apps and games repositories. These are some very useful repositories because you can often find deb files for apps in them that aren't yet in Debian or Ubuntu. They also could be used to get more recent versions of some programs than you might find elsewhere. All of the apps in GetDeb are not yet in Linux App Finder, but at least those that are will be reflected in the available files.

Debian Squeeze will be the next Debian release and is the current testing version. All of the official Debian squeeze repos will be updated. I also included the squeeze section of the Opera repository.

Ubuntu Intrepid Repositories Have Been Added

All of the Ubuntu Intrepid repositories have been added and a complete database update was run. I also cleared out a few old repos that weren't supported anymore.

Filter by Toolkit (i.e. Qt, Gtk, etc.)

I added new filter options so you can only view apps with specific toolkits. These new options are sub-entries to the overall Show Graphical Apps option. It must be checked for the others to matter. The available toolkit options are Gtk, Qt, Tk, wxW, and other. Ncurses already had a separate callout.

Hopefully this will help those KDE and Gnome users who prefer Qt and Gtk apps over alternatives.

Thanks to Oliver for the suggestion.

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