New Filter Option

I added a new option for filtering results. Previously, anything that used a terminal interface was grouped under the command line interface umbrella, but now it has been separated out into command line and Ncurses. For those of you unfamiliar with Ncurses, it is a graphical interface for a terminal environment. Because this is a new distinction, there are undoubtedly still some apps listed incorrectly as command line when they actually use Ncurses, and some will have both interfaces available. Please comment if you find any that need to be corrected. I plan to update them over time as they are found.

Post Comments Without Registering

Anonymous visitors can now post comments. I used to have this enabled, but changed it when there was too much spam being posted. Now a spam filter has finally been implemented to deal with that problem, however, it may take a little while for me to get it trained.

Notify on Reply Capability Added to the Forums

Registered visitors now have the ability to be notified when a forum topic has been replied to. There is a "subscribe post" link just after the initial entry in a particular topic. Clicking it will do the trick. If you are already subscribed to a particular thread the link will state "unsubscribe post" instead. Enjoy.

Share Your App Screenshots

A new screenshot system has been implemented. Screenshots can now be uploaded from each app's page by any registered user. Registered users also have an administration page to edit descriptions or delete images they no longer want posted.

The viewer can be accessed from the Screenshot link in the header to show thumbnails of all available images. When viewing an app's page its most recent pictures will be displayed. Those thumbnails link through to the full screenshots in the viewer.

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