Rate and Discuss Apps

An application rating system has been added. Look for the selection box on the program's detail page. For the time being an app's rating can only viewed on its page and will not appear in the category lists. The ability to sort by rating will be added in the future.

A "Discuss" link has also been added to each app's page.

New Filters for Free vs. Non-free Apps

The Filter Options page now contains Free and Non-free choices. By default both will be shown, but you can uncheck Non-free if you only wish to view free (as in beer) software. The reverse is true if you only want to view commercial software that must be purchased.

You can access the Filter Options by looking for the link at the top right of a category page.

Post Links to News and Reviews

A new feature has been added to each application page so you can submit the title and link (including http://) to online articles (i.e. reviews, news, how-tos, etc.) pertaining to that program. The submission will appear in the Web Links section of the right banner.

Server Outage Restored

Linux App Finder is now back up and running. We were suffering a database server issue for the past week and apologize for any inconvenience it caused.

New Applications Added

New Applications Added

Article at

Thanks to the folks at for the nice write-up and welcome to everyone visiting Linux App Finder. Some of you may be trying searches on the site through Google and not getting many results. It looks as if they have not finished indexing us yet. Please use the search feature on the category pages for more up to date results. Only a single word or exact phrase will be matched though. If you search from within a subcategory, only results within it will be returned. Go to All Applications if you need to search the entire site.

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