New Search Feature Added

A new search capability has been added to the Category and Most Viewed sections. It allows you to search by application "Name" or by "Name and Description". Results will be returned on the same page with subcategories and most viewed lists also being updated. To revert to the full listing, either select the current category's link from the path at the top of the screen or run a blank search.

Following a subcategory link after a search will retain the search criteria. The same is true when going to the previous or next pages. To determine if the results are from a search, simply check the defaults that appear when loading or reloading the page. The text and range options will match what is currently displayed.

Finding Linux Applications

Welcome to the launch of We are a new site devoted to making it easier to find valuable Linux applications. The database is still in its infancy and we have already identified many more programs to be added. Please check back regularly for updates.

Since many Linux applications are free and have no marketing to inform the public of their existence, it is often difficult to find the right program when it is needed. The goal of Linux App Finder is to make finding the right software an easy task by grouping programs into categories and allowing for a task based search.

Users of Debian based distros will find this site a quick reference of available deb packages for each of the programs. It will be synced regularly with the Debian and Ubuntu repositories, among others.

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