Repository Filters

Selecting the "Filter Options" link from the top right hand corner of any category page will now reveal four more choices. A "Repositories" section has been added with four options. Selecting none or all will display any app, regardless of availability, which is what the display has previously been. Additionally, you can now filter by Debian, Ubuntu, other deb repositories, or no repository. Hopefully this will continue to improve the ability to use the site for finding useful Linux apps.

New Web Links RSS Feed

A new RSS feed has been added to Linux App Finder. It will contain the most recent web links that have been submitted for any program in the database. These links typically appear on the right hand side of the site, but until now there hasn't been a way to monitor all of the links, regardless of which program it relates to. The feed can be added by choosing "Linux App Finder Web Links" from the list of feeds that is shown after clicking the RSS or Live Bookmark icon at the right of your browser's address bar.

Hard Drive Imaging

I've been a fan of drive imaging for a while now. I used Norton Ghost in my first job after college to clone drives for testing in the lab and a couple years later I bought Acronis True Image for backing up my home computer. Imaging an entire drive instead of just backing up documents, pictures, music, etc. not only conserves your irreplacable data, but it also provides an easy path to rebuilding your entire system.

As many of you will notice, Ghost and True Image are Windows programs, although Acronis does have a True Image Server product for Linux. There are some quality imaging apps for non-Windows environments as well. I say non-Windows because g4u (Ghost for Unix), doesn't run on Linux, but uses NetBSD instead. Despite this fact, I added it to the Linux App Finder database for the same reason I add web apps, g4u can be still be used if you run a GNU/Linux OS. This is possible because g4u is not just a simple program. It is released as a boot disk which makes it useable for any operating system with supported file systems.

The 3D Web

Welcome to the first entry in the Linux App Finder Blog. I'll be using this blog to talk mostly about interesting Linux apps and the first I'd like to mention is a development kit rather than an app, but it has the potential to produce some great end user content. I recently noticed it in an article on titled: Mapping a path for the 3D Web. The premise is a group of industry visionaries getting together to discuss a potential vision of the Metaverse (aka 3D Web), which for me conjures visions from Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash or Tad Williams' Otherland series.

Linux App Finder Blog

Today marks the start of the Linux App Finder Blog. Please check it out and let me know what you think. I'll be using the blog to comment on apps that have been added to the database, have recently done something noteworthy, or just something that I find interesting and think others might also. The first entry is about Croquet, a new open source software platform for creating collaborative multi-user online applications in a 3D environment.

Sort by Rating

Sort by Rating is now the default view when browsing categories. It looks first for the highest visitor rated apps and then for most viewed. A simple drop down box is available to switch between sorting by rating and alphabetically.

Rate and Discuss Apps

An application rating system has been added. Look for the selection box on the program's detail page. For the time being an app's rating can only viewed on its page and will not appear in the category lists. The ability to sort by rating will be added in the future.

A "Discuss" link has also been added to each app's page.