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Whether you are using your Linux on Single or Multiple Monitor Computer, every Pixel on your Monitor is defined by X and Y Co-Ordinates. On a Basic Single Monitor Linux Computer, value of X Co-Ordinates start at Left Hand Side and go on increasing to the right. Similarily values of Y-Co-Ordinates starts at top and go ono increasing towards the bottom of the screen. Total Number of Pixels together define the Screen Resolution.

This Linux Mouse Automation Software displays X and Y Co-Ordinates of the Mouse Cursor at the top right corner. In order to understand the X and Y Co-Ordinates, just move the Mouse Cursor around the screen and notice the X and Y Co-Ordinate Values change in the software.

In order to click at some location on the screen automatically with this Linux Automation Software, you would need to specify the X and Y Co-Ordinates of that particular location. Seperate Edit Boxes have been provided on the software's main screen to capture X and Y Co-Ordinates. In order to fill in the X and Y Co-Ordinates, you can use a System wide Keyboard Shortcut. The System Wide Keyboard Shortcut is a Key Combination (Configurable from Settings of the Software) which works even when this Linux Automation Tool does not have Focus. Just Move the Mouse Cursor to the desired location and press the System Wide Keyboard Shortcut Key to automatically enter the screen location in the edit boxes provided. Configure other parameters and then press the Add Click Button to store the Mouse Click in the List of Mouse Click to Automate.
Interface: Graphical (Qt)
Non-free: This program must be purchased, although a trial version may be available.
Rating: Excellent (1 vote)

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