Name Description
KDevelop integrated development environment for KDE
Geany fast and lightweight IDE
KTurtle educational programming environment
Qt Creator lightweight integrated development environment (IDE) for Qt
BlackAdder Visual development with Python and Ruby
Eric full featured Python IDE
NetBeans Extensible Java IDE
VDKBuilder RAD for VDK
Lazarus IDE for Free Pascal - SDK dependency package
JDeveloper Premier Integrated Java Development Environment
IntelliJ IDEA intelligent Java IDE
Gambas Visual development environment for the Gambas programming language
TruStudio PHP IDE and Python IDE built on Eclipse
Anjuta IDE GNOME development IDE, for C/C++
KBasic Integrated Development Environment
MonoDevelop Development Environment for GNOME
Eclipse Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE
Boa Constructor RAD tool for Python and wxWindows application
REALbasic IDE for Basic
Komodo IDE Integrated development environment for dynamic languages
Stani's Python Editor Stani's Python Editor
Wing IDE Integrated development environment for Python

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