Most Viewed

Name Description
Xournal GTK+ Application for note taking
KJots note-taking utility
BasKet multi-purpose note-taking application for KDE
NoteCase hierarchical note manager (aka outliner)
GToDo GNOME to-do list manager
Tux ToDo Simple graphical task manager
Tomboy desktop note taking program using Wiki style links
Osmo personal organizer for GTK+
Sticky Notes little notes for your desktop
KNotes sticky notes application
Gnome Outliner simple outline editor
TuxCards hierarchical notebook for note and idea management
KnowIt Tool for managing notes
Dev Todo hierarchical, prioritised todo list manager
Gnote desktop note taking program using Wiki style links
ThinkingRock application for collecting and processing your thoughts following the GTD methodology
Tasque simple task management application
TreeLine versatile tree-like structured custom data manager
NoteFinder Desktop Note-taking Application
gjots2 Simple jotter (outline processor) for X11/gtk-gnome
Dockboard Outline editor
iKog simple todo list using GTD
Notebook A GTK+ logbook editor
Getting Things GNOME! (GTG) organizer for the GNOME desktop environment
Wyneken content oriented text processor